How to Choose Mulch

Mulch_shredded_yard_wasteBecause there are so many mulch options, some people having problems choosing a proper product for their property. Most Long Island mulch companies provide wood mulch because wood keeps the soil healthy. However, other mulch options are offered to clients too. Our Queens tree service is not limited to residential clients, we also provide commercial tree service. Whether you need tree removal for landscaping beautification or damage clean-up, we are here to serve you.

Wood mulch usually breaks down after one season. This is why homeowners must reapply the mulch every year. Wood mulch is efficient because it improves soil by giving it important nutrients while it deteriorates.

In most neighborhoods, wood-based mulch materials are found on the ground. Common examples are pine needles, straw, leaves, and hay. If you need mulch that is light and airy, wood mulch is the best choice. However, you must choose the material carefully because each option offers different benefits. Typical light-weight mulch solutions include cypress, cedar, and pine.

If you prefer something that lasts longer, a rubber or non-wood mulch should be considered. You must understand that non-wood mulches will not provide any benefits to your soil. Non-wood mulch products are often planted around walkways and along paths to increase curb appeal. With this much delivery long island company, you can choose from 100s of different types and styles of mulch for your home and garden needs.

Grass clippings are also worth considering because they decompose rapidly. If you place a two-inch layer on your lawn, weeds will never be a problem. Professional landscapers usually build layers slowly with dry grass instead of fresh clippings. Dry grass is better since it prevents a solid mat formation. Long Island landscaping companies never sell grass clippings that are harvesPine barkted from lawns that were treated with herbicides. They only sell clippings that are free of toxins.

A leaf-based mulch is commonly used in communities that have weed problems. Long Island mulch businesses always provide coarsely shredded mulch because whole leaves typically move whenever the wind blows. Another benefit is that shredded leaves keep moisture away from the soil.

Pine bark is another great weed control solution. It is a nice option for most neighborhoods because the color of the mulch compliments most lawns. Pine bark is also manufactured in various shapes and sizes. However, large pine particles should never be placed in locations that receive heavy rain because the particles will float on the water.

Pecan shells retain moisture efficiently for a long time. Although this kind of mulch increases curb appeal, it is not available in some areas.

Overall, if you consider the benefits of each mulch product, you can easily choose the best solution that will make your property stand out.